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Ways to Give

Art Class


Donate Directly

Donations to MIPTO go towards field trips, classroom improvements, playground expansion and other educational opportunities for kids.



Box Tops

Use the Box Tops app to scan your store receipts for participating products. Your school will automatically earn cash with every Box Tops product you buy.

Learn more at

Corporate Builidng


Corporate Matching

Many employers, as part of their charitable giving programs, offer a direct match to donations made to a school. To find out if this something your employer offers, reach out to HR about their programs and ask how your employer can match your donations.

They can add "Matoska International Parent Teacher Organization" to their charitable offerings and the donation will come directly to the MIPTO. If you need an EIN, please contact matoskaparents@gmail.comfor help.

Levitating Books


Books for Media Center & Classrooms

One way you can provide Matoska students access to wide variety of texts is by donating books. Matoska Media Center and Teachers have created Amazon Wishlists to help expand the choices students have access to and we have made them available to make easy for you to donate. 

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