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March 2023 Newsletter


School Board Meeting – 3/13

MIPTO Meeting - 3/14

Spring Break, No School - 3/6 - 3/10

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Thank you, Matoska!

We had a great Rally 4 Reading Month. As a school we read 1,615 hours during the month of February!

We filled our "bookshelves" with your Favorite Books and saw many students reading to READ Dogs and learning about being an author from V.T. Bidania at our Celebration Event. Students also challenged themselves to try new things by completing the Reading Challenges on your Reading Challenge BINGO cards.

Thanks to generous donations from Half Price Books, Orso Bianco Gelato, Bean Co, and Cup and Cone, we could reward their hard work! Three students (who turned in BINGO cards) from each class went home with prizes!

We are so proud of all the reading you did this month! Thank you for participating in the Rally 4 Reading activities and for encouraging kids to get excited about reading.



A note from Julie Stonehouse, PYP Coordinator

We are entering a season of inquiry! Here are a few examples:

  • A couple of kindergarten classes are working on an inquiry project to welcome future kindergarteners to Matoska and help them feel right at home here.

  • Second graders are inquiring about landmarks around the world, while fourth graders are exploring regions of the United States.

  • And, before we know it, our fifth graders will launch the “capstone” inquiry project of their years here at Matoska: Exhibition.

An inquiry begins with a question. As IB learners, we have a framework that shapes our questions here at Matoska: our key concepts. These concepts drive our learning experiences and help students to learn to think critically about big ideas. A list of our key concepts and some related key questions are listed below:

Key concept

Key Questions


What is it like?

How might I identify or describe this?


How does it work?

What is its purpose?


Why is it like it is?

What could make this turn out different?


How is it changing?

How could this be changed?


How does this connect to other things?

How does this interact with other things or ideas?


What are the points of view?

How and why might others see this differently?


What is our responsibility?

What choices could we/should we/must we make about this?

These concepts can be used to frame questions about any topic your learner is interested in exploring. Give them a try at home and see where your inquiries take you!



The Fun Run is our next event and will take place in May.

Stay tuned for more details

Interested in helping to organize this event or volunteering day of, please reach out to Jessica Christiansen,



White Bear Lake Area Schools - Community Services & Recreation summer programing opened March 1st. Explore the catalog and start making summer plans!

View classes online - or - View New Catalog



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