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June 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 9, 2023


Last Day of School - 6/9

School Board Meeting – 6/12

MIPTO Meeting - 6/13

July MIPTO meeting - 7/11

For more details visit - Matoska Calendar


THAT'S A WRAP - 2022/2023

So many great initiatives and events happened this year. Thank you all for the continued support and commitment to building our community. We look forward to next year.



Kindergarten Connections will be held on August 15 and 16, 2023. This is an opportunity for each student to experience 75-minutes in the classroom with the kindergarten teachers and other incoming kindergartners. During this time, the students will play games, draw pictures, listen to a story, meet teachers, and get to know some new friends. Adults will be offered a separate session during this time to learn more about our school and ask questions.

The goal is to have all kindergarteners sign up for one session. Please use

YOUR CHILD’S FIRST AND LAST NAME when registering for one session on this Kindergarten Connections Sign Up.



Welcome Back Bears is our next event and will take place in September.

Stay tuned for more details

Interested in helping to organize this event or volunteering day of, please reach out to us at


Interested in online ordering for 2023 – 2024 school supplies? Order online later this summer through School Tool Box.


MIPTO 2023/2024


Attend a MIPTO meetings. MIPTO meetings occur on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and last an hour. Come and hear what we are considering for the 2023-2024 school year at our next meeting Tuesday, June 13th at 6 pm in school Media Center.

Volunteer at an MIPTO Event. There are many events and programs throughout the year where volunteers are needed. If you are interested in volunteering contact us at

Donate to MIPTO. There are many ways to donate and support the school, programing and teachers. Learn more here: In the past, kindergarten teachers have used MIPTO funds to purchase books with diverse characters & themes, flexible seating and laminator to create literacy and math games at just the right level for students.


Website - to get the latest information and read our monthly MIPTO Newsletter



A note from Julie Stonehouse

The excitement in the building has been HIGH this week! Thank you for all the ways you have supported your children this year. It has been a wonderful year of learning and growing together. Also, I’m sharing a few photos from our 5th grade Exhibition/Graduation Day. We are so proud of these kids. Congratulations, 5th graders! We wish you every success in middle school; please come back and visit!



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