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February 2024 Newsletter


Conferences - 2/6, 2/15

Non-Student Day - 2/9

School Board Meeting – 2/12

MIPTO Meeting - 2/13

President's Day, No School - 2/19

Rally4Reading Celebration Event - 3/1

For more details visit - Matoska Calendar


It's time to Rally and help us reach our school-wide goal of reading 1000 Hours by February 22nd.

Rally 4 Reading is our month-long celebration of literacy. Read with your eyes or ears - every minute counts. We are looking forward to lots of fun activities, challenges and prizes to win! For more information and details on how to participate each week visit the Rally 4 Reading program page.

Rally 4 Reading Celebration Event

To close the month, we invite you to join us for a fun event on March 1st from 6-8 PM at Matoska to celebrate all the hard work our school did reading! Meet local author, read with dogs , make bookmarks and more!

To make this event happen, we need your help! To volunteer, please click here to sign up! 


Matoska receives grant to support environmental camps

This fall we wrote a grant to The Greater White Bear Lake Community Foundation to help fund the YMCA environmental camp for 3rd through 5th grades.  Here is a portion of the letter Matoska received:

The Greater White Bear Lake Community Foundation’s Board of Directors met to approve the funding recommendations of its Community Partners Grants Committee. We are pleased to be able to support your project, YMCA camp grades 3-5, with a grant of $1,500.  

Thank you Greater White Bear Lake Community Foundation!

For more information with regards to this excellent community organization, visit



A note from Julie Stonehouse, PYP Coordinator

Hello, Matoska families~

This month, click here to watch a brief (3 minute) video that explains our Key Concepts. These are the bigger concepts that we use at Matoska to help frame the questions we ask and that guide our learning. Those concepts include: Form (what is it like?), Function (how does it work?), Causation (why is it as it is?), Change (how is it transforming?), Connection (how is it linked to other things?), Perspective (what are the points of view?), and Responsibility (what are our obligations?). Other related concepts connect to the learning we are doing here at school.

  • Spotted in Phy Ed: Students participating in a hockey unit are working on the concept of control.

  • Spotted in Spanish: 1st and 2nd graders are exploring the concept of change as they illustrate books about weather.

  • 4th and 5th graders are learning about perspective as they read the text, “Llama en Lima,” which is told from different animals’ points of view.

  • Coming up for kindergarteners, students will better understand reflection as they read “Spanish Is My Superpower.”

Matoska students are busy becoming conceptual learners in all of our learning spaces!

If you have any questions about our key concepts, please contact me. Or, if there are particular aspects of our IB school that you would like to learn more about in this column, please let me know!



White Bear Lake Area Educators’ Teacher of the Year Nominations close at 4 p.m. on Feb. 19.


"THEATER NIGHT OUT" with Children's Performing Arts

Finding Nemo the Musical Jr. runs from February 16th-25th at Forest Lake High School. By using the code MATOSKA (all caps) families will get $1 off each of their tickets, and for every ticket that has been purchased, we will give $1 back to our school.



The MIPTO relies on donations to support our mission. field trips, supporting our teachers and other educational opportunities for kids. So far this year, funds have supported programs like Welcome Back Bears, Lakeshore Players, Art Enrichment and Rally 4 Reading. We have also been able to support field trips and teacher classroom needs.

One of the ways you can donate is through the Box Tops for education. It's easy! Just use the Box Tops app to scan your store receipts for participating products. Our school will automatically earn cash with every Box Tops product you buy.



Check out the gear in the Matoska Pride Shop. Order here >


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